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Purge SINTER - Sintering Furnace Decontaminator for Zirconia

Why should you purge your dental sintering oven?
1.Contamination builds up from oxides in coloring agents used to shade zirconia crowns or bridges.
2. These oxides cause greening or yellowing of the zirconia porcelain during sintering.
3. The oxides also build up on the furnace coils and will alter temperature reading.

Purge SINTER used regularly will eliminate all of the above.
Purge SINTER should be used 1X week for 10 minutes @ 800 degree C
Fill the provided crucible with Purge SINTER
Place the crucible containing Purge SINTER in your sintering furnace
- Low Temp : 500 C / 900 F
- High Temp : 800 C /1475F
- Heat Rate : 40 C / 100 F
- per minute Hold Time : 10 minutes
- Cool Time : 5 minutes
DO NOT EXCEDE 800 C /1475 F
Use once a week
  • MSDS sheet for Purge SINTER
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Before & After : Using Purge SINTER - with contamination

Dental ceramic ovens, dental furnaces, dental ovens or dental sintering ovens are used in the Dental milling laboratories.
In Dental CAD/CAM restorations, these dental furnaces can employ firing, sintering and pressing functions.
Dental ceramic ovens can be sintering furnaces or press furnaces. Cleaning the sintering furnaces in the Dental Milling Centers is essential to achieving the zirconia porcelain shade without greening or yellowing caused by the oxides used in the coloring agents to shade the Zirconia. Purge SINTER brings new technology for removing contamination from the dental sintering oven in the dental laboratory.

Purge ALL/Purge ALL PLUS - Porcelain Furnace Decontaminator for ( alloy ) PFM Frameworks

Purge ALL/Purge ALL PLUS
Purge ALL/Purge ALL PLUS PFM Decontaminator for your Dental Porcelain Furnace for PFM Frameworks

Two stage Cleaning - Use Purge-ALL for 5 minutes, then dispose;
use Purge-ALL PLUS for 5 minutes, then dispose Purge-ALL removes Ag, Pd, Cu and Co.
Purge-ALL PLUS removes the following ions Rb, Na, Ba, Mg, Li, Sr, Fe, K, Cd, Cs, Ca, Al, Hg,
Zn, Cr, C, and Be.

Kit includes : Enough for 25 uses

- 1/2lb. Purge-ALL
- 1/2lb. Purge-ALL PLUS
- Ceramic Crucible (reusable)

Our engineers developed Purge-ALL to act as a sponge. Targeting specific ions found in dental alloys.
Purge-ALL absorbs and eliminates furnace contaminants more effectively than carbon.

- Eliminates porcelain discoloration
- Extends muffle & thermocouple life
- Maintains thermocouple accuracy
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  • MSDS sheet for Purge ALLDownload
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"The Ion Sponge" Purge-ALL and Purge-ALL PLUS
"The Ion Sponge" Purge-ALL and Purge-ALL PLUS
Maintaining a clean dental porcelain furnace is paramount, when processing today's fine grain porcelains.
For years we have been told to purge our furnaces with carbon, but what exactly are we doing?
Unfortunately we have not been very well informed about carbon as a "purge" material.

Carbon comes in various qualities or grades, from the likes of charcoal to the highly activated carbons used in various industries mainly to eliminate contaminates, it is true that if you use a highly activated carbon in your furnace at a low temperature it will absorb silver ions.

We have been taught to take carbon to very high temperatures and this will clean our furnaces.
This is not correct, in fact by doing this we actually ash the carbon in the furnace and release Cr, Si, Cd, etc.
this is just the opposite of what we want to do.
The need for something better was apparent, especially with the use of all the various metal chemistry we use in today's dental market.

Purge-ALL and Purge-ALL PLUS is the culmination of almost 2 years of research with Carbon engineers and scientist on vapor phase absorption chemistry.
This material is literally an ion sponge; it is highly activated and absorbs specific ions that are shed in the oxidizing process of cast metals.

Purge-ALL absorbs specifically, Ag, Pb, Cu, and Co.
It comes in the form of granules a brown and white mix.

Purge ALL-PLUS absorbs specifically the following ions, Rb, Na, Ba, Mg, Li, Sr, Fe, K, Cd, Ca, Al, Nb, Zn, Hg, Cr, C, and Be.
Not that we have all the ions in the metals we use, but we do have several of them. This material too comes in white granules.

These are non-toxic materials and are not reusable. This material will also eliminate odors from your furnace from various materials. For those using Captek or Sinter-Cor this material will absorb carbon from the muffle from the wax elimination process.

These materials are used at a relatively low temperature, around 700 degrees Celsius and the slower the material is cooled the more ions it will absorb.

In today's complex restorative materials market place we must have clean furnaces to make the most of the porcelains and other materials that we use. Purge-ALL and Purge-ALL PLUS gives us an advantage in that process.
Purge ALL/ Purge ALL PLUS ? 2 stage cleaning for your Dental porcelain furnace
1. Pre-heat, means time it takes to enter the furnace, dry time could be the term used.

2. Cool time, means the time it takes to come out of the furnace, a slow cool.

3. Instructions for use. They are simple.......Place Purge-ALL in ceramic cup, put on furnace platform, set program to enter furnace in 3 minutes time.
Raise temp to 700 degrees C. hold for 5 minutes, remove from furnace on slow cool, and 3 minutes.

4. The furnace muffle will look no different, but the Purge ALL material will change color, depending on what it is absorbing out of the furnace, different ions, and colors. This material absorbs contamination out of the furnace in the form of ions of metals. To make muffle chamber clean for the processing of ceramics.

5. Purge ALL is an amorphic material which means that it can absorb moisture. Keep the jars closed and away from heavy moisture. Best results are obtained with a 10 min. cool time.

6. Repeat using Purge ALL PLUS

Purge ZR - Porcelain Furnace Decontaminator for Zirconia All Ceramic Frameworks

Purge ZR (Zirconia Furnace Decontaminator for Zirconia Porcelain Crowns & Frameworks)

Purge ZR is a unique double activated ion and oxide absorbing material especially manufactured to eliminate all contaminates that can cause discoloration in zirconia dental porcelain delamination in zirconia copings. Coloring liquids used in Zirconium coping and frameworks can build up inside a muffle and cause color problems. These are absorbed completely out of the dental furnace. Purge All ZR will extend muffle & thermocouple life and maintain thermocouple accuracy. This product is recommended to be used once a week in dental lab porcelain furnaces with zirconia.

- 1/2 lb. With Ceramic Crucible
- Enough for 25 cleanings
- Recommended use once per week in furnace where zirconia porcelain or alumnia is fired.
  • MSDS sheet for Purge ZEDownload
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  • Korean BrochureDownload
Purge ZR
Porcelain Furnace Decontaminator is a specially formulated material designed to absorb out of the Dental ceramic ovens all contamination which can cause discoloration on Zirconia and Dilithium Silicate restorations
- Simple fill the provided crucible with Purge ZR.
- Place the crucible containing the Purge ZR on you furnace table; be sure the temperature is below 400
- degrees Celsius or 900 degrees Fahrenheit.
- Dry 2 min.
- Enter furnace in 4 minutes
- Heat rate is 55 degrees C per minute
- High temp is 1000 degrees C
- Hold for 5 minutes
- Cool for 5 minutes and discard
Do not use vacuum
Do not reuse this material. Use and discard the used material.

When the purging is done some of the particles will be different colors. Purge ZR will eliminate porcelain discoloration, extend muffle & thermocouple life and maintain thermocouple accuracy.

Recommended use once per week